Welcome to ISPO MUNICH 2011

Welcome to ISPO MUNICH 2011

As a tradition for 20 years MICO on February from 6th to 9th went to one of the main international trade fair for sport business, clothing and accessoriest: ISPO MUNICH 2011.

The event in the 71st ispo experienced, this year has surpassed his record with more than 80,000 professionals from 106 countries, confirming a big hit with an influx increased by 25% and at the New Munich Trade Fair has recorded the most sharp rise in visitors from countries such as Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Russian Federation, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Norway and the USA.

MICO with pleasure and interest he took part in  this edition of ISPO MUNICH 2011 because we see in this event an’  important opportunity to maintain relationships and partnerships with all those who choose and believe in our products and, for ourselves, a source of knowledge and inspiration thanks to the constant presence of the landmarks in the materials and highly specialized technology that we choose for our products.

Here are some pictures of the MICO stand very functional this year which raised the praises of visitors from over 20 countries around the world have issued positive feedback particularly interested in our lines:

Underwear (skintech: new FISITECH e Skintech Oxi-jet compression)

Mico running: new collection winter -Socks (new styles of collection X-RaceArgento and Argento XT2)

Fleece (2nd layer): new Argon and Space with  Ring e Jumper (all 100% made in Italy)

Thanks to those who visited us, and now we are completely ready with many new ideas!
At the next ISPO 2012:
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