Fiber & Linings| Micotex®

Fiber & Linings| Micotex®

The continuos research of new product technologies allows us to purpose hi- performing garments.

Our Pro-Athlets test our products in the most extreme conditions: This  helps us to have a real feedback on the performance of the garments and allows us to imrpove the in order to grant best comfort and fit.

We combine the best natural fibers with the highest productive technologies: All our garments and socks are entirely designed, developed and produced in italy  for a careful and often professional sports public.


Polypropilenyc anti-alergic, soft and ultralight fibre grantig minimum heat loss and high breathability.

It is resistant and fits perfectly to the skin providing comfort and better sensibility, MICOTEX® is a registered trademark of Mico.

[IN 3395]
Unisex long sleeves zip shirt hevay weight

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