Slovenjia Ski Pool and other projects

Slovenjia Ski Pool and other projects

We are very proud to share with you some news about projects and partenerships we are working on in this period.

Slovenjia Ski Pool

With the begin of the winter season we started another partenership with the Ski Association of Slovenjia for a technical supply of the Alpine Ski Team. An important goal for our company as we could experience a worthwhile collaboration with the Slovenian Alpine Team during the last years.

Mico Beta Tester Team/010

With the two last weeks of December we started the meetings woth some of lucky sportives who have been selected to join the Mico Beta Tester Team/010. During each of these events we have the possibility to meet them, share experience and knowledge about technical sportswear and give them some of our new creations in order to test our items during real outdoor activities.

If you want to know more about our projects and our Beta Tester please check the project website at

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